Chipata Civil society tasks Electoral Commission to justify proposed increase in nomination fees

Chipata Civil society tasks Electoral Commission to justify proposed increase in nomination fees

Some civil society organizations in Chipata are demanding for justification from ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia on why they have proposed to increase nomination fees.

Caritas Chipata, Good Governance Programs Coordinator John Mthadziko Zulu says ECZ can’t just propose to adjust nomination fees without giving reasons. Mr. Zulu has lamented that it is questionable to note that ECZ is bringing electoral reforms closer to an election year, stating that such important issues are supposed to be discussed at a forum with sober minds.

He wondered why the electoral body and government are making such changes and amending the constitution now when they had all the time for about four years after the 2016 elections.

Mr. Zulu told Breeze FM News that ECZ should explain to the people if the nomination fee will be sponsored by individual candidates or the political parties sponsoring them. He explains that the electoral body should further explain why nomination fees for female candidates have been reduced compared to that of male candidates.

Among the proposed nomination fees, male Presidential candidates will be required to pay 150,000 Kwacha from 60,000 Kwacha while female candidates will be required to pay 120,000 Kwacha from 60,000 Kwacha. For the Parliamentary race, male candidates will be required to pay 25,000 Kwacha from 7,500 Kwacha while women, Youth, and Persons living with disabilities will be required to pay 20,000 Kwacha from 7,500 Kwacha.

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