Caritas Zambia launches Climate Change innovation project in Kalomo

Caritas Zambia today with the support of Diakonia Zambia launched the Climate Change innovation project in Kalomo, Southern Province.

This proposed project will seek to build community capacity to engage in alternative climate change adaptation initiatives that will assist the communities to build resilience and reduce vulnerability to external shocks of climate change.

The project will engage with local authority and communities on the need to formulate plans that promote climate change adaptation and Agroecology.

Also, the proposed project will respond to the call to care for our common home-the environment. As such, the response will address some of the environmental damages that result from mining by taking the deliberate action to plant trees in the mining sites.

Further, the project will enhance the efforts of communities and partners to challenge systems to ensure that there is environmental justice to address issues related to differential impacts within the country of current and future climate change.