CARITAS Zambia Promotes Agro-Ecology for Increased Production

Caritas Zambia Programs Specialist for Livelihood and Climate change says the promotion of Agro-ecology has greatly benefited farmers and communities where the organization is operating from.

Agro-ecology is a farming system that focuses on increasing production, while striking a balance with the needs of the environment to sustain the life other organisms.

Mubanga is happy that many households, especially women are adapting to farming methods that emphasize on productivity while considering the sustainability of the environment.

She tells Byta FM News that this system does not draw a lot of resources, but provides food security for many households while enabling the environment to produce more food.

Mubanga adds that the programme is targeting 22 thousand households and about 9, 900 of them have already benefited, representing about 45 percent of the total

She also says agro-ecology has also helped address climate change in the communities because it is a resistance approach.