The State is transparent, accountable, and responsive to people’s needs by demanding justice and accountability on policy implementation, adoption, formulation and practice. This involves building stronger political pressure, by applying coordinated efforts of community mobilisation, dialogue and engagement with policy and decision makers.

The programme focus is on influencing changes of policies and laws, and people’s attitudes and the structures, such as cultural, economic, political and social, with which the people interact with and in many instances, hinder the actualisation of the social economic and cultural rights of people.

The programme builds the capacity of people to be masters of their own development and contribute in broadening community participation and decision making in issues relating to policies in the extractive industries so as to influence governments and mining companies to be more transparent and accountable; and this means increasing advocacy for policy and legislative reforms.


‘The State is transparent, accountable, and responsive to people's needs'. The focus areas of ESAP are: